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"Hope to see more episodes out. I enjoy them and find a lot of value in listening to current consultants having these types of casual conversations. It's insight that's hard to find elsewhere, so thank you."  -Robert W.
"I know a lot of my older friends are already prepping for recruiting. I really liked episode #5 because it made me feel more comfortable with the recruiting process and it gave me a good idea of the framework firms have for assessing talent." -Connor F.
"I have already referred some of my friends to the episode regarding recruiting since that is something we will all be dealing with soon. A lot of them told me they were looking for something like this but had not found it yet." -Matt B.

"I was looking into consulting perspective and stumbled across this podcast. Figured I'd give the first episode a try, then moved onto the second, and before you know it, about to wrap up. I really like the production quality, transitions, and terminology classifications." -Steven D.
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